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What we do for you

What we do for you

As the locums' accountant and tax adviser, we shall:

  1. inform clients of the distinctions between employment, self-employment and operating through a Limited Company in the UK, as they affect their Income Tax and National Insurance liabilities. I shall show them the advantages of selfemployment or Limited Company status and support them vigorously in any difficulties which may arise.
  2. where PAYE employment is preferred, advise the locum with regard to PAYE codes, taxable benefits such Practice Cars, etc., and how to obtain any tax repayments that may be due to them. Also assist in these matters as required.
  3. where self-employment is the preferred method, prepare and submit registration forms for self-employment to the Inland Revenue and the Contributions Agency (which deals with National Insurance), and obtain confirmation of their registration.
  4. Complete and submit any further forms which may be required by the Revenue or the Contributions Agency.
  5. where the Limited Company method is chosen, organise the set-up of the company and forward the necessary documents to them when received.
  6. communicate with their own clients (Surgeries), if requested, to confirm that we are acting as their accountant, to confirm the process of registration, advise them of the tax reference number if required; or to confirm the existence of their Limited Company as necessary.
  7. advise them of an appropriate invoicing system, the expenses which they may claim, and how to organize their income and expenses records for eventual preparation of annual accounts.
  8. Calculate, or assist in the calculation, of appropriate quarterly returns of dividends and enter them in the Company’s records. Prepare and file the related dividend voucher.
  9. Prepare annual self-employment or Limited Company accounts and company tax return for their approval and submission to the Inland Revenue (and to Companies House, in the case of Limited companies), and advise them of their Income Tax and National Insurance liabilities and due dates and methods of payment.
  10. Prepare their annual personal tax returns for approval and submission to the Inland Revenue.

In addition, a special arrangement with Barclays Bank provides an easy and assured route for the opening of current (cheque) and savings accounts, both personal and/or for Limited Companies. (No commission of any sort is received for this - it is simply a service, which has been found helpful).

Finally, if desired, any tax liabilities falling due after the locum’s final departure from the U.K. can be checked and paid by us, if the locum has paid the due amount into the firm’s Client Tax Account prior to departure. The standards applied to the operation of this account are those recommended by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and can be viewed on request.

As far as possible, we try to maintain a personal approach and make ourselves available to the locums, so that you are not left "high and dry", but will get the advice and help that you need. We therefore recommend that we meet before you begin work, or as soon as possible afterwards. This is important, not only so that we can get to know one another, but also because we have almost always found that delay creates complications and unrecoverable tax payments. An early meeting enables you to understand the details of your tax situations much better and for us to handle your affairs much more effectively and prevent you losing money to the Inland Revenue unnecessarily. We look forward to meeting you.